The Criteria For Bloggers

Our vision at the Movie Blogger Awards is to have a fair representation of the online film community’s thoughts regarding the past years films.

This means that we have had to set out a strict criteria for a blog/bloggers to be considered eligible to vote. This will allow us to avoid any vote-rigging.

The criteria is set out below, if you have any questions regarding the criteria please email

To be eligible to vote in the Movie Blogger Awards you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be an active contributor in the film blogging community, by this we mean that you must have written at least 10 blog articles in the last 3 months either for your own blog or a website recognised by the Movie Blogger Awards.
  • The be recognised by the Movie Blogger Awards the blog must have been producing content for at least three months prior to the opening of the voting (January 2018).
  • You can only register to vote for one outlet, either your own blog or through a recognised website.
  • Multiple bloggers from the same website are allowed, assuming they meet the other criteria above.
  • The content of the blogs/podcasts/vlogs must, where possible, be original and where required sources provided.
  • Film podcasts and podcasters are eligible to register, they must have released regular and consistent episodes. Dependent on how often a new episode is released, we ask that the podcast has produced at least 10 episodes to be eligible.
  • Video bloggers are also eligible to register to vote. They must be able to provide links to regular and consistent content.

If you feel you meet the above criteria you can register to vote here

Please note. The decision of the Movie Blogger Awards panel is final, while we will endeavour to make the awards as accessible to as many bloggers, podcasts, vloggers and outlets as possible, in the interest of integrity and to avoid vote-rigging we may be forced to turn down blogs f

You can read about the criteria for eligible films here