Movie Blogger Awards Update: Working Hard

Apologies to all our followers and registered voters, it’s been a little while since our last update, but fear not, it’s because we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to secure a venue, and sponsors for the awards!

We’re at 150 registered voters now, which is already far more than we expected in our first year and there’s still 6 weeks left for you to register to vote!

We’ll have a few more updates for you this week, including news on how you can be a featured voter, showcasing your work and blog to other voters ahead of the awards.

We’ll also be updating you on plans for a networking night ahead of the awards where you can meet other voters and discuss with the Blogger Awards team your thoughts about the awards!

Thanks for sticking with us through these first few weeks of preparation, we’re working hard to bring you what will hopefully become a great annual event!

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