Movie Blogger Awards: Timeline and Key Dates

Here are the important dates to note.

October 9th 2017 – Registration Opens

Registration will open for bloggers who wish to be eligible in the voting process.

December 31st 2017 – Registration Closes

Registration to vote in the Movie Blogger Awards will close at 12pm (GMT). No further voters will be allowed to register for this years awards after this point.

January 2nd 2018 – Long-List Voting Begins

Long-list will be available from 12pm (GMT) on January 2nd 2018, for eligible voters to choose from. Further details on selecting nominees from the long-list will be made available in due course.

January 16th 2018 – Long-List Voting Closes

Long-list voting will close at 12pm (GMT) on January 16th 2018. After this time no further long-list votes will be counted and bloggers that have not submitted their long-list votes will no tbe eligible to vote on shortlists.

January 18th 2018 – Short-lists Announced, Second Voting Round Begins

Category short-lists announced at 12pm (GMT) on January 18th 2018. Second voting round begins for eligible voters.

February 15th 2018 – Second Voting Round Closes

The voting on the shortlisted nominees ends at 12pm (GMT) on February 5th 2018. No further votes will be counted after this time.

End of February 2018 (Date/Venue TBA) – Awards Night

At a central London venue the awards night will take place. Date and location details will be revealed as soon as possible. Tickets will be available to purchase through the Movie Blogger Awards website. Prices and benefits will also be announced when the venue and date are confirmed.


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