Gender Equality At The Movie Blogger Awards

One of the main areas we wanted to explore was the idea of gender equality across all categories.

The idea of having, for example, a separate Male and Female Director was suggested, similar to Best Actor and Best Actress. Ultimately we’ve settled on having an equal number of male and female representatives in each award shortlist where individuals compete.

To break down the process, we’ll use the Best Director category as an example.

  1. Long-List released with all eligible nominees.
  2. Registered voters will select ten nominees to be shortlisted
  3. Votes counted and the 3 most popular male nominees and 3 most popular female nominees will make up the 6-person shortlist.
  4. Register voters will then pick the overall winner from the shortlist
  5. Winner revealed at awards ceremony

We hope that this will help address issues in other major awards where gender-inequality has been cause for concern.

If you have an idea that you’d like to see implemented please feel free to contact us at



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